Intern-Content Writer Needed

Intern- Content Writer Needed

Seeking Intern for Content Writer for Youth Workforce Development Initiatives for Bi-Weekly Newsletters, Social Media, Media Kits, Press Releases, and Articles

Sundance Family Foundation is looking for an entry level savvy content writer who has technical skills with Social Media publishing (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging and websites) to help us inform the public about our Youth Workforce Development Initiatives. The Writer will also help with Media Kits for the organizations that are involved with our Wunderkammers. We have several needs between now and September: 10 short articles for our bi-weekly newsletter, source articles and information needed in the field for the newsletter, manage Twitter and Facebook during live events, write and distribute 15 press releases, discover and promote resource materials, help Sundance evolve as a knowledge purveyor and producer. Other assignments are described below:


  • The writing motivates our readers to join various activities—our main criteria.
  • We are seeking easy-to-understand writing that gets our point across without becoming strident. The writer will manage a variety of styles, different tones, produce long- and short- form articles as well as snappy Social Media content.
  • The writing will include best practices in search optimization. We will be relying on your expertise in this area.
  • The writing will evidence impeccable spelling, grammar, and inclusive language.
  • The writing will exhibit a deep understanding of the myriad of issues facing youth (ages 14-24) living in low income areas, and youth from communities of color. A fundamental understanding of these, and the cultures of various employers such as manufacturing, trades, technology and health care, and, community college training programs is a must.
  • The writing must be presented in cycles so that there is ample time for input and edits–a two sets of eyes environment.
  • The writer will be asked to come to staff meetings once a week; the work can be produced on site, off-site, or in combination.
  • Much of the work will be posted first to a Google document for ease of review.
  • We would expect a high comprehension of software such as Microsoft Work, Google Docs, and familiarity with WordPress, MailChimp, Salesforce, and platform aggregators like Hootsuite.
  • The writer will be able to format articles on the web.
  • The writer will be a passionate learner because so many of our projects are complex, and cover a range of topics.

Managing the Messages

  • Organize media kits for all vendors, all sponsors, all new media, all YSE organizations at the Wunderkammers, Tours or Events. (Note: A Wunderkammer, a space created by representatives from local manufacturers, the trades, and training programs that invites youth to experience careers in an interactive, hands-on setting that fosters a sense of belonging, imagination and curiosity about future careers.)
  • Be sure to get still photos and send them to each vendor or partner as soon as possible. Live photos should be sent to those organizations with live streaming presences during the events.
  • Create Wunderkammer Facebook, and/or LinkedIn or other platform pages for events so that our audiences can engage with them. Promote the page early so that we have obtained the required 25 likes to obtain better vanity handles, and ad options for each project.

Directing the Messages

  • Set the editorial calendar so that messaging can begin and be sustained throughout this project.
  • Decide if you want to purchase Facebook ads (if we are inviting the general public) and if so buy those and schedule them for 3 weeks.
  • Track the keyworks for each event and know what keywords will attract the right people in each market group. We can provide advisory and focus groups.

Managing the Community Impact for Specific Events

·      Assign a volunteer social media team the day of the Wunderkammer or event to put out messaging all day.

  • That day have vendors and Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) programs ready to comment and retweet on all platforms.

Analyzing the Impact

  • How to spread the word out to attract the right audience and potential funders for the next Wunderkammers.
  • Review the hits, usage and draw conclusions that will allow us to improve communication in the future.

Drawing Conclusions (as part of the Sundance Team)

  • Utilize Survey Monkey. Make sure the survey is done ahead of time, and the vendors give you their emails. (Note: much information can be gathered using a landing page, however, check for last minute substitutions and personnel that was not listed.)
  • Get the emails of the youth and participants, and create follow up.
  • Determine if everyone was satisfied and had a good time,
  • Use Google Analytics and other tools to help track impact

Fees for service:$15/hr, approximately 15 hours per week. To submit an application please provide a cover letter telling us about your writing, include a writing sample, and a resume. We will contact the top three candidates to schedule an interview for the first week of May.

Application Packets (Cover letter, resume and sample) can be sent to Peg Thomas at and are due by April 27, 2018.