Jy’Mar Mitchell joined Green Garden Bakery’s workforce readiness training in 2016. His work ethic stood out amongst his peers and he quickly moved into an executive position within the youth social enterprise. He excelled at marketing, gardening, and building things for the business. He later pushed himself outside of his comfort zone to gain experiences in selling and presenting to school groups.

Jy'Mar Graduation

Jy’Mar Mitchell graduated from North High School in 2019 and joined a year of Americorps with Minneapolis Public School’s Black Excellence program. It was through his experiences with Green Garden Bakery that he learned about his passion for mentoring younger youth. Through Americorps Jy’Mar gained additional professional development and interpersonal skills while working with middle school youth. Throughout this time he continued to be involved with Green Garden Bakery as an alumni and Urban Strategies, Inc.continued to support Jy’Mar as he became a young dad.

Jy'Mar Graduation Party

Jy’Mar’s Americorps year just finished and he wants to explore a career in maintenance/landscaping. We were quickly able to get him placed in a paid internship with International Market Square as a building engineer intern. International Market Square is in the Heritage Park Neighborhood and familiar with Green Garden Bakery’s youth leaders. They have been reaching out to Green Garden Bakery and Urban Strategies, Inc. to recruit interns and staff for their company. Jy’Mar hopes to continue earning money this year and use his Americorps Education Award to enroll in some additional training in 2021.

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