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Sundance Family Foundation Partnering Across Sectors To Recruit
Next Generation Workforce With Earn & Learn Positions

Students and companies to be honored at Lynx Game

Minneapolis– The Sundance Family Foundation is honoring Twin Cities employers as Community Champions and celebrating the young adults (18-28) entering Earn & Learn fast tracks to well-paying positions and pathways to exciting 21st century careers. Community Champion employers offer sustainable wages and tuition reimbursement or flexible hours needed to complete post-secondary degrees.

Sundance, sponsors and community partners are celebrating these Earn & Learn participants and Community Champion Employers on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 5:00pm at the Target Center VIP Treasure Island Club Suite. The event features Minnesota native and former LA Laker and NBA Champion Devean George, who is dedicated to helping boost economic opportunities in North Minneapolis. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey will provide welcoming remarks.

The awards are followed by a half-time shout out during the Minnesota Lynx vs. Seattle Storm game. The celebration includes a full buffet from featured Chef David Fhima with box seats to enjoy the game. Employers, mentors, students and their families will be available for media interviews

Minnesota unemployment is 3.2%, yet young adults from low-income neighborhoods are currently facing an 18% to 23% unemployment rate, according to MN DEED. Attracting unrepresented youth is the key to building our next generation workforce.

Equally compelling, 54% of all students who start college don’t finish in four years. When they leave college early they become hampered with college loans which often prevent them from furthering the education needed for today’s jobs. More than half of these young Minnesotans don’t attain a certificate or a post-secondary degree until age 28 or 30  according to the MN Office of Higher Education.

Most Minnesota youth are moving through their 20s with only their High School Diplomas or GEDs, greatly impacting their economic viability and opportunities.

“We don’t have a shortage of workers, we have a lack of access to training,” says Nancy Jacobs, President and Co-Founder of Sundance Family Foundation. “We are partnering with schools and employers across sectors to ensure no one is closed out of a meaningful career.

Three Apprenticeship Models
There are three apprenticeship models: The Modern Apprenticeship developed by ICATT and the Germanic American Institute. This German-Swiss model uses a rigorous three-year design to teach highly specific skills. A Registered Apprenticeship is the name of the partnership between Minnesota employers and the Minnesota Department of Labor (MN DLI) The Registered Apprenticeship provides a year of on the job training following national and state requirements as outlined in a contract with MN DLI. The third apprenticeship model include dual-training and internship/scholarships, and other options that provide flexible work, on the job technical skills development. These options may include tuition reimbursement. They currently include PSEO and other high school training programs. (Note: Minnesota passed legislation that allows youth age 16-18 to be on a manufacturing or production floor for a limited amount of time and with supervision and safety protocols.

Return on Investment
From day one, an Earn & Learn student does just that: they receive structured on-the-job training and related classroom instruction. This model helps businesses develop and retain their workforce. Employees have more skills, motivation, and investment in their work. Training Gen Z, Gen X, and even Millennial entry-level worker using these structured elements reduces turnover rates, increased worker productivity and lowers the cost of recruitment and retention.

For more information or to send a list of your apprenticeships please contact Murray Death at murray@sundancefamilyfoundation.org