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Note: A glitch. The deadline was supposed to be May 4 at 11:45pm not am. We couldn’t change the am to pm, but were oddly able to extend the deadline to May 5 at 11:45am. Sorry if this alarmed you.

Grant Making Changes at Sundance

Due May 4, 2020 Sundance is moving from supporting Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) (age 14-17) to advancing 21st Century career pathways (age 18-24+) to include YSE enterprises and other nonprofit training programs using the YSE model. This changes both the guidelines and the way nonprofits apply for grants. It also changes Sundance’s process for awarding  grants to nonprofits. 

Sundance has now implemented a Letter of Inquiry LOI Process. Selected grantees will be asked to submit a grant application. 

Geographic Area:

Sundance Family Foundation focuses giving to organizations whose programming benefits the residents of the following Minnesota and Wisconsin counties: Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington, Chisago, Polk and St. Croix.

While applications are not accepted for geographic areas outside of those identified above, from time to time, the board may  choose to fund a grant outside of this geographic area or priorities.

The Specifics of the LOI Process:

Sundance will be asking for a Letter of Intent (LOI) or short form submitted through the Grants Portal with the following guidelines:

Project Name Character Limit: 100

Amount Requested Character Limit: 20

Total Project Budget Character Limit: 20

Total Organization Budget Character Limit: 20

Geographic Area

The Sundance Family Foundation focus its giving to organizations whose programming benefits the residents of five Minnesota and Wisconsin counties. Please put the county where your office is located, or, where this program is located, and explain in the narrative.


Polk Ramsey
St. Croix Washington

Geographic Area Explanation

If your organization provides support outside of the county where have your main office, please briefly describe. Character Limit: 250

Brief Project Summary

These two sentences are used for the grant summary and later for the 990-PF Grant Description. Character Limit: 300

Brief Organization Description

Describe your organization, how this Earn & Learn program came to be developed and how it supports other aspects of your work. Character Limit: 800

Describe the three components of your Earn & Learn Program

Our evidence-based model shows that youth benefit from an Earn & Learn model that features: 1) Social Emotional learning to develop personal agency, confidence and agility, 2) Community Engagement to promote social capital, increase professional networks, mentors and safety nets, and 3) Work Readiness, Certificates and Degrees. Please outline the details of these three areas in your program. Character Limit: 1000

Tracking Youth: Check all that Apply

Demographic Information including Gender
Description of trainings, curriculum and certificates received
Employment Assistance Services
Median Wage of Youth Placed
Number of Youth in the Program
Number of Youth not in Work or Education SDG 8.6.1
Number of Youth Placed in Employment SDG 8.5.1
Retention Rates at 3 mos, 6 mos, 9 most and 12 mos
Social Connections provided (mentors, volunteers, virtual social events etc) Starting Wage for each Youth


Please identify your database, who is managing it and how data will be captured and compiled Character Limit: 250


We will be asking for your agreements with the partners as part of the Grant. For this LOI please limit to five (5) and include: a) Name of the Partner b) Earn & Learn Component c) Level of support and d) Type of Support for each. Character Limit: 2000

Please contact Peg Thomas with questions.