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Grant Making Changes at Sundance

Beginning in 2020, Sundance is moving from supporting Youth Social Entrepreneurships (YSEs) (age 14 to 17 years) to advancing 21st Century career pathways (age 18-24+) moving from YSE enterprises and other post secondary training tracks. This changes both the guidelines and the way nonprofits apply for grants. It also changes Sundance’s process for awarding  grants to nonprofits. 

Sundance will be asking for a 2 page Letter of Intent (LOI) due May 4, 2020 from applicants who meet as many as possible of the following guidelines:

  • Provide Social/Emotional Development to youth age 18-24+ to build youth personal agency (confidence, teamwork, agility and focus)

  • Provide Community Engagement to the same youth to build their social capital (mentors, peer mentors, links to emergency supports and transportation) directly or with a partner
  • Include a CareerForce center or other entity that will help with workforce navigation
  • Work with employers, evidenced through an MOU, who are providing both a livable wage and training, (nationally recognized certificates with articulated skills development. Certificates will come with several degree credits at a local community or technical college with a path to a one, two year, and then a four year degree.
  • The MOU also shows that the employer partner pays for or subsidizes most of the cost of the nationally recognized certificates and/or degrees. The employer partner provides a career pathway exceeding the short term limitations of internships.

  • MOUs are presented as part of the LOI which cite the partner responsibilities and supports from each party to the youth employee.
  • Track the progress of the youth attaining their new career using SDG indicators is well mapped and outcomes can be submitted.

 An LOI submission is new for Sundance: 

  • LOI application deadline: May 4, 2020
  • Grants will be selected with full applications due in the beginning of June.
  • Grants will be determined and awarded in October 2020

We call this program: Earn & Learn More information to come!