Impact Investing

Sundance Family Foundation uses Impact Investing, prioritizing ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) indicators for its investments that fund philanthropy.

Since 2009 the Sundance Family Foundation has adhered to an Impact Investing 5 Tier Plan which guides their carefully crafted, staged and executed environmental, social and governance (ESG) product portfolio. These Impact Investing funds, through fund managers, reports on companies’ financial returns, as well as their degree of values based practices, including ethical investments. Economic development of communities are also analyzed.

Sundance also uses this strategy in their annual grantmaking to create further economic impact growth, in an effort to enhance sustainable livelihoods and the well-being of the Twin Cities, western Wisconsin, Colorado, and local and global communities of color, and low income youth and families.

Sundance is pleased to report that 85% of its assets are secured in Impact Investing funds and products. The realignment from traditional investing, which was measured only by financial returns, to impact investing criteria that includes both financial and social returns (ROI/SROI) is outlined in the Sundance Five Tier Impact Investing Plan below.