Muhyadin Ahmed is a lifelong resident of St Paul, MN and a student at Normandale Community College where he is still undecided in selecting his major. So far, Muhyadin has found a passion for math and physics. In addition to school, Muhyadin also works for his family’s business providing money transfers and bill payment support in his community. However, from August to November of 2021, Muhyadin was a Right Track+ intern, placed at Spire Credit Union where he worked as a Bank Teller.

Muhyadin learned about Right Track+ from Mohamed Amin of Milestone Community Development who approached him at their shared prayer space. Mohamed provided information about Right Track and provided support for Muhyadin and his sister to both apply for paid internships. Not only that, but Mohamed was also able to provide Visa gift cards to provide gas money for Muhyadin to drive himself and his sister to and from their internships in between paychecks.

Muhyadin’s internship trained him to be a Bank Teller, conducting deposits and withdrawals for customers. Muhyadin loved his time at the bank, joined by a great team of bankers and an exceptional manager, Grace, who was an excellent teacher and provided Muhyadin with the needed flexibility to manage his work and studies at the same time. Grace also invited Muhyadin back next summer to continue working at the Credit Union!

Despite his great experience, Muhyadin is still not sure what will come next for him. He is still sorting out what he is passionate about and what type of work he would like to do, but his Right Track+ internship brought him that much closer to figuring it out, with paid work experience to boot. Through the experience Muhyadin now also has new mentors that he will keep in touch with in Grace and Mohamed. Mohamed is now someone Muhyadin feels he can reach out to anytime and keep learning about what opportunities are out there for him. We can’t wait to see what Muhyadin does next!

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