Ramsey County has released a new Young Adult Resources website to support youth and young families. The new website includes resources for mental and physical health & safety, basic needs such as food and housing services, education & training, employment & job support, and assistance for parents. These services are intended to help residents under the age of 25 to thrive. The website was created by youth for youth to address the needs of all young people in Ramsey County.

In addition to the Resources for Youth & Young Adults the Young Adult Resources site also includes a Young Adult Employment program to provide employment and training opportunities to low-income and/or placed at-risk young adults. These services include career planning, job search assistance, paid work experience and assistance with tuition costs. Additionally, Ramsey County provides a Workforce Training Dashboard that showcases community-based training programs in Ramsey County. See links to all three resources below.

Click here for the Resources for Youth & Young Adults Page

Click here for the Young Adult Employment Program

Click here for the Workforce Training Dashboard

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