See how the Earn & Learn model provides young people with a liveable wage while building their skills and knowledge.


Earn & Learn allows young adults (18-24+) to discover jobs and pathways to 21st century careers they might never have considered.

Sundance helps connect young adults, employers, schools, government agencies, and nonprofits through Wunderkammers, that provide a satisfying way for youth and families to explore and connect with community employers. The employers are charged with engaging and interesting the young adults to explore their work opportunities and training.

With COVID-19 Sundance Family Foundation quickly created Zoomerkammers. These virtual 1-hour sessions focus on employment and training available in the Twin Cities area for employment navigators, counselors and youth seeking opportunities.


Earn & Learn allows young adults to receive on-the-job training in entry level positions so that they can gain experience while preparing for a middle skills career. Employers, nonprofits and schools can help young adults work while earning industry recognized credentials or by stacking credentials which allow them to advance while earning a living.

Sundance is proud to support nonprofits with grants, technical assistance and collaborations.


Whether in the public or private sector, young adults can thrive with training-to-career apprenticeships or employment and building on-the-job skills, certifications and education. Employers benefit by training and developing a sustainable, future workforce which increases growth. Ultimately, the entire community prospers.