EARN & LEARN for Employers

See how Sundance Family Foundation helps employers develop a talented and sustainable workforce.

How it Works

Community Champion employers offer mentoring, sustainable wages and tuition reimbursement and/or flexible hours needed to complete industry recognized credentials or post-secondary degrees. This initiative is being developed by creating collaborations and partnerships with multi-sector, cross-agency leaders who are aligning their actions towards a common goal. This goal is to make sure that all youth have opportunities to enter exciting and rewarding in-demand careers.

Why It’s Important

Minnesota unemployment is 7.7%, yet young adults from low-income neighborhoods are currently facing unemployment rates that are 4-6x that, according to MN DEED, Metropolitan Council, and the Georgetown Center for Education and Employment. Attracting unrepresented youth is the key to building our next generation workforce.


“Because of all of our growth, opportunities and our commitment to education, we can bring an entry level person to higher level, more advanced jobs within 2-5 years.”

Chief Financial Officer, Design Ready Controls

“My passion for why I’m here everyday is to make future leaders of color in the IT industry. Life has provided enough hardships to our students so it’s up to us to make sure these students are engaged and we care about them.”

IT Program Manager, Summit Academy OIC

How to Get Involved

If you are an employer in the Twin Cities or greater Minnesota that is interested in attracting young adults to work for your company, use the contact us form and let us help connect you to nonprofits, government units, and training programs to find these young adults.