EARN & LEARN for Government

The EARN & LEARN model provides a number of benefits to government and the community by expanding the workforce and creating a more inclusive economy.

How it Works

Government agencies are creating Earn & Learn pathways for young adults by leveraging their connections with key stakeholders to promote opportunities for personal, social and educational youth development, leadership and employment enabling youth to develop their voice, influence and place in society to reach their full potential.

Innovative programs such as Ramsey County YouthWorks! Integrate key tenets for success:

  • Amplifying local enterprises of youth and young adults, and their innovation and ideas.
  • Providing employers with opportunities to involve diverse, qualified youth and young adults in their workforce.
  • Celebrating the unique family and educational experiences youth and young adults bring to employers, communities and units of government.
  • Ensuring access to experiences that provide exposure to career opportunities for all youth and young adults across race, class, culture, and other means of social identity.
  • Providing paid and volunteer work opportunities in government and with community agencies and businesses that contribute to the skills, patterns and outcomes for youth and young adults to learn, earn and lead in their neighborhoods.
  • Recognizing the value of community relationships (social, emotional, and behavioral) developed through work experiences and employment.

“As we developed YouthWorks! to open doors of opportunity for youth and young adults in Ramsey County, Sundance became one of our first partners and has continued to actively support Earn & Learn career pathways.”

Director of Workforce Solutions, Ramsey County

“We want a workforce that mirrors that of our population. Equity is meeting people where they are at. But, we cannot just meet them, we need to engage our nonprofits and educational organizations to create intersecting community pathways that encourage cultural diversity, inclusivity and trust building. We want people to feel welcome and supported within the city of Saint Paul.”

Saint Paul Chief Equity Officer

“Metro Transit is preparing for a change in their workforce. Many of the current mechanic technicians are retiring and Metro Transit wants to be ahead of that by developing their workforce with creative internship programs like the MTT program. With the MTT program you are working at the same time you’re in school. You’re working full time, you’re being paid a handsome wage and when you finish the program you leave a degree and a job offer to work for Metro Transit.”

Workforce Development Department, Metropolitan Council

How to Get Involved

Creating pathways to prosperity that also reduce racial and economic disparities demands joint action by government, nonprofits, and employers. Contact us to help connect you with resources for developing an Earn & Learn program for your government agency.