EARN & LEARN for Non-Profits

Connect Young Adults to Successful Middle-Skills Career Pathways

How it Works

Youth-serving nonprofit organizations provide the social and emotional development that fosters youth personal agency, and the community engagement that engenders belonging. Many use a Youth Social Entrepreneurial Model (YSE) which engage youth in entrepreneurial business functions, career exploration and imbues their creativity. Youth learn how to complete goals both as team members as well as on their own.


“Being able to take care of my daughter, on my own, is something that I never really thought I could do. It means the world to me…I never imagined that my life could be this great.”

Re-Entry Program Participant, Goodwill-Easter Seals

“The Earn and Learn process of training for employment is going to be the new big thing and it is really going to change what pursuing a career is going to look like.”

Employment Program Manager, Oasis

How to Get Involved

If you are a non-profit organization in the Twin Cities or greater Minnesota that is interested in training young adults and connecting them with pathways to 21st century careers, please consider applying for a grant from Sundance Family Foundation or presenting at an upcoming Zoomerkammer.