Did you know that Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) offers incredible opportunities for youth to earn college credits free of charge? PSEO allow students grades 10-12 to enroll in college courses, gaining college credits while simultaneously earning high school credits. PSEO is proven to be an extremely effective program in Minnesota, saving both students and taxpayers money. Recent studies show that PSEO saves participating students up to $59.8 million a year, and an estimated $15.1 million in savings to MN taxpayers. For individual students, each college credit taken through PSEO is worth up to $482.54 in savings depending on the college or university being attended.

PSEO courses can be attended both in person and online at Minnesota’s two-year public colleges and four-year universities. Each applicable college and university sets its own GPA requirements for enrollment. The application for PSEO enrollment is May 30th. To enroll, students must inform their school district, charter school, or private school and be signed off on by a parent or guardian. Students may participate full-time or part-time, choosing how many college-level courses to enroll in. And for low-income students the state offers travel reimbursements from the student’s home or school to their postsecondary institution. Lastly no PSEO students can be charged for tuition, textbooks, or support services unless that equipment becomes their property after the completion of the course.

To learn more about the program please go to the MN PSEO website and with any questions regarding the mileage reimbursement for low-income students’ participation in the PSEO program, contact Kelly Garvey at 651-582-8524.

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