Mission, Values, Vision & Strategic Plan


The mission of the Sundance Family Foundation is to accelerate youth development and strengthen family stability.


We are committed to working both collaboratively and mindfully to leverage our financial assets and social resources for good. Our collective impact work enables us to:

  •    Boldly innovate
  •    Create and nurture pivotal relationships
  •    Disseminate new ideas
  •    Explore issues, initiatives, and develop new practices


The Sundance Family Foundation drives change that enables young people, their families, and their communities, to thrive. We focus on youth-serving organizations as important intermediaries and strive to develop their needed capacity.  We also build  bridges and pipelines to life enhancing resources to career exploration, apprenticeships, post secondary trainings and entry-level jobs that lead to meaningful careers.

Strategic Plan


What can the community trust from us?

The Sundance Family Foundation can be relied upon as knowledgeable about issues, decisive about practice, willing to take risk, and to take action to invest resources compassionately and responsibly.



Whom do we serve?

And, who can help us?

Our mission connects us to people who want to embrace positive social change and they may include:

    • YSE Leaders in youth-serving nonprofits
    • Youth and their families, and guardians
    • Community and civic leaders
    • Funders and Foundations interested in youth-serving organizations
    • Manufacturing, Trades, Industry & Training (College and post-secondary programs)
    • Small Business Entrepreneurs and Mentors
    • National thought leaders in the YSE Field
    • International thought leaders in the YSE Field
    • Government Decision-makers who can bring resources to our initiatives
    • Partners preventing or ending youth homelessness who employ innovative and practical improvements to promote personal and public dignity
    • Global Microloan communities that bring prosperity to family enterprises worldwide
  • The broader community that is regarding Sundance as a thought leader in these areas and/or who are seeking guidance
Sundance Programs and  Activities

What deliverables

do we offer today?

Advancing the field of YSE:  Sundance is taking a leadership role through:

  • Evidencing YSE: Wilder Capacity Development Initiative: Increasing the capacity of youth-serving nonprofits to produce preliminary evidence-based data and analysis with a 2 year challenge grant
  • Wunderkammers Initiative: Community Career Exploratoriums: Engaging youth, their parents and guardians in playful discovery about careers in manufacturing, construction, trades, community colleges and community enterprises, and, discovering the post-secondary certificate programs that lead to immediate job opportunities
  • Building Bridges and Pipelines: Creating new partnerships that enable underrepresented and low-income youth rising from youth-serving nonprofits to become civic leaders and embark upon meaningful careers or enterprises
  • Innovate Programs: Transportation, On-the-job supports, more apprenticeships
  • Creative Media, Digital Documentation and Videos: Creating models for to advance the YSE Ecosystem
  • Housing Support: Supporting efforts by and with partners where  strategic investments will leverage additional dollars.
  • International Microloans: Using intermediaries such as KIVA and the Calvert Foundation to deploy, track and report international micro-investments.
  • Impact Investing: Exemplifying what family foundations can leverage using comprehensive social investing practices, program related loans (PRIs) and Impact Investing strategies that achieve a market rate financial return, sustainability and ethical
  • Encourage Certification programs: (like the MSSC), and Enterprise Development programs that feature Personal and Business Finance, Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship Skills.

What exactly are we measuring?


What are the impacts?

Grantmaking & Fundraising:

    • # organizations funded and/or partners engaged
    • $Amounts awarded and impacts achieved
  • $Amount received to further support YSE research and cohort programming

Sundance Led Programming:

    • # Attendance at convenings
    • # Partners involved in YSE collaborations
    • # Youth/parent engaged in Wunderkammers
  • # Videos and other public media produced

Impact Investing:

    • $ With a CDFI Community Development Financial Institution
    • $ Amount invested in ESG investments (as % of total investments)
    • # articles about social investing
  • #Products used to accomplish social impact investing: Impact Investing, and PRIs

Ending Homelessness and Supporting Home Solutions for Youth:

  • #Sundance is involved in at least 5 strategic investments that advance solutions


  • Increase the data capacity of YSE programs
  • Increase ability of YSE programs to expand or scale services
  • Increase grant and contract opportunities for YSE programs
  • Increase relationships and apprenticeships between YSE organizations, manufacturing, industry, trades, training, colleges
  • Increase Sundance’s social investment and influence
  • Increase social investments of other foundations/organizations
  • Catalyze mutual transformations of low-income economies, neighborhoods, youth and their families.