Wilder Research Cohort

The Evidencing YSE Cohort finished their Theories of Change and Logic Models, agreed on common indicators and decided to use both the WIA Youth Workforce Readiness Tool and a new tool being created by Wilder Research to measure social and emotional development and community engagement. Cohort members are creating their Individual Evaluation Plans (IEPs), preparing for an IRB review, and getting ready to implement this section of data gathering. About 5 of the 14 cohort members are switching to Salesforce to gather and store client data for this study. RedPath is creating an app to help the cohort gather information. They are being trained to use this robust database. Please direct any questions to the Sundance Family Foundation office: 612-822-8580 or info@sundancefamilyfoundation.org

Want to lean more about evidence-based investing? Read the white paper here!

Press Release Here: http://bit.ly/20rvPOu