Wunderkammer Proof of Concept Events in Strategic Communities

Wunderkammers: Community Tech and Training Events provide a fun way for youth and families to explore and connect with community employers. The employers are charged with engaging and interesting the young adults to explore their work opportunities and training.

The Job Fairs of last century just aren’t working in this bold and rapidly changing economy. As well youth want a potential employer to show them what they would do, and to commit to continuing to show them how to do it. This is what we call Earn & Learn. Wunderkammers are the beginning of the journey.

All too often, job fairs, and college expos with skirted tables, seated professionals and glossy brochures are not safe places to ask basic (and sometimes embarrassing) questions that could display the unfamiliarity of the youth to the product or skill set needed. Talented youth often do not excel in this type of employment. They don’t feel safe.

Enter a new model is called a Wunderkammer—Community Exploratorium.

Wunderkammers, the forebearers of the modern museums, provided audiences with a sense of welcome and wonder. These small-scale community based events bring  curiosity, discovery, and inspire the hopes and dreams of youth.  Industry technicians who look like them or are not that much older than they are convey their own personal enthusiasm  about the fields of work. These are the micro-mentoring building blocks. If constructed as part of a career path, they can help lead youth to  unexplored career paths.

The ultimate goal: youth find short term articulated training while working flexible entry-level jobs with sustainable wages.  The training leads to portable certificates, degree programs, and can roll into professional careers.