YSE Collaborative

The Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) Collaborative

The Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) Collaborative is a group of organizations in the Twin Cities that provide youth designed, youth-led business or community social initiatives that are supporting youth within a framework of intergenerational participation. A YSE experience is a transformative asset-based model growing out of Positive Youth Development. It includes the development of entrepreneurial thought, workplace and business skills, and community engagement. YSE youth often earn money while sparking personal development. YSE programs provide sets of activities that progressively help youth build social and emotional skills. Together, these civic, career exploration, and maturity learnings inspire youth to acquire the self-confidence needed to “put poverty out of business.”

Sundance Family Foundation is seeding and cultivating the field of YSE focusing on releasing the potential of youth living in low-income communities.

Its current programs include:

Evidencing YSE

Sundance is a community-based intermediary which provides direct resources to youth serving nonprofits supporting YSE programs. Sundance is helping to build the capacity of the social sector and lift-up solutions that can transform lives. It is following the trends of the Corporation for National and Community Service, The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, the Blue Meridian Partners, The Case Foundation and other thought leaders.

As an emerging thought-leader in the field of YSE the Sundance Family Foundation has taking the learnings from these organizations to forge local capacity solutions.

Sundance has engaged Wilder Research for a 18 month project entitled Evidencing YSE.  The Wilder Research team is assisting YSE youth serving nonprofits to produce preliminary evidence-based data and analysis as required by federal, state and certain foundations. The project provides significant training in refining current logic models, engaging a professional team from each nonprofit, developing in-house data collections systems and delivering a study. The study will be used to advance the field of YSE.